It is pretty common knowledge that the mobile marketplace has been growing in size for a considerable period of time with there being no signs of it slowing down in the slightest. Therefore, the idea of incorporating the technology associated with the blockchain and cryptocurrency is a natural way for things to move even further forward. That is where Vestarin comes into play, but it will still prove to be useful to examine this digital token in more detail to ascertain as to whether or not it is worthy of investment.

The Basics of Vestarin.

Vestarin keeps things nice and simple. They provide a mobile application that allows individuals and companies to pay for both goods and services while using cryptocurrency. This may very well open up new avenues of income for businesses and those offering such goods or services as they are aware that the chances of fraud are greatly reduced thanks to the way in which the blockchain operates.

However, they are quick to state that there are a number of other benefits for both the user and the business.

For example, the user is able to not only purchase products or services, but to also pay for various forms of entertainment. The token can also be used for your very own project by using their coding to make life so much easier. There is also the ability to take advantage of various experts on the matter of the blockchain leading to you being in a position to make a better decision with investing into a different ICO further down the line.

For the business, it is all about boosting profit and availability of their products or services in the marketplace.

The Technical Aspect of Vestarin.

Vestarin is built on the Ethereum platform and blockchain bringing with it a number of useful features for both working against fraud as well as the general stability and scalability of the blockchain. The token is also an ERC20 token, which then means that individuals are able to use any Ethereum based wallet rather than going down the road of getting the Vestarin wallet itself.

A business loads its products or services onto the platform. The user can then use the platform to search for what they are looking for and then complete the purchase using the VST tokens. In addition, the representative of an ICO can also log into the platform and allow for discussion about their ICO. This then acts as a way to boost awareness of the ICO and make it a far more appealing investment opportunity.

All of this is achieved via a decentralized blockchain application that connects both parties together and allows the seller to determine that the potential buyer does indeed have the tokens to then allow them to complete the transaction. This is all done via complete transparency on the blockchain which cannot then be altered by either party at any point.

The Advantages of Vestarin.

After some time discussing the direction in which they were going to proceed, the team behind Vestarin have certainly settled on this mobile marketplace concept. Considering the size of the marketplace that they are talking about, then it does not take a large percentage of people to ultimately lead to the coin being able to become rather well established and drive the price up.

The problem is that there is a great unknown as to who is going to become involved from a business point of view, so that then places a question on why users or buyers would become involved at this stage. However, to combat this, the team have noted that there will be review sections and a community based approach that will lead to more interaction between all parties that are involved. They hope that this will build trust within the platform but once again that is something that is only going to happen once some time passes.

Overall, the fact that you can pay for daily things via this app and using digital tokens is useful. If they are able to have their token placed on a variety of exchanges and allow Fiat currencies to be used to purchase tokens, then this in itself would prove to be a huge bonus for the cryptocurrency.

The Financial Aspect and the ICO.

By looking at the financial side of things, we get a better perspective of the potential future for this digital token. For the ICO, a total of 70,400,000 tokens shall be issued, which is on top of over 10,000,000 issued for the pre-sale. After the ICO, any tokens that are not sold will then be destroyed with that end figure then becoming the maximum number of tokens available.
Update: So far as of 06/03 their website is showing that they’ve already raised over 3,400 ETH.

During the ICO, there will also be a hard cap that has been set at 35,000ETH. An investor would be able to receive a total of 3,000VST in exchange for 1ETH. From the money raised, 45% has been set aside for further development with other percentages for marketing as well as to be used as rewards and bonuses for those that do invest during the ICO.

Conclusion About Vestarin and the ICO.

Vestarin is seeking to make it possible to make everyday purchases by using a cryptocurrency, which is something that has been missing for some time. The only issue that they could potentially have is getting enough companies on board from the outset.

However, the idea in itself is strong and has a number of possibilities. Also, the fact that they are using Ethereum as their base code does give you additional confidence when it comes to using their cryptocurrency in the first place.

From an investment point of view, this is something that could be worth a slight chance simply because of the fact that it focuses on those daily purchases that are often left out of other attempts to purchase things via a digital token. They did complete their pre-sale without there being too many problems so that in itself could prove to be useful information for anybody that could be tempted into throwing some coins in their direction.
Check out further details on their website below:
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