Shivom — Can the Human Genome and the Blockchain Be United?

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The Shivom ICO has nearly reached it’s hardcap with over $30 million raised.
If we are honest, the technology surrounding the study of the human genome has evolved in recent years, but you may be wondering how, or why, the blockchain could be involved in its development. The truth of the matter is that blockchain technology could potentially play a key role in providing access to the human genome, and that is what makes this a rather interesting concept to contend with.

This is where a project called Shivom is coming to the fore, and with them having their ICO all lined up, it makes sense to spend some time checking out what it is that they are offering to help any potential investors to ascertain if this is something to pay attention to.

What is Shivom?

Shivom has the aim of completely changing the way in which health care management operates in the world today, which is a pretty serious statement to make. You see, it’s their intention that health care is going to be run via the blockchain, and they are already making pretty serious statements of intent as to how they are capable of streamlining everything while also protecting the identity of the individual that is seen as being the owner of that particular genome.

To help with this quest that they are on, they have already formed a partnership with a lab called GTG Labs to ultimately collate the largest ever database of genetics in the world. Furthermore, they are also entering into a pretty unique partnership with the government of India with the intention being that their DNA database is now going to be stored on the blockchain rather than by other means. You have to admit that this does come across as being pretty amazing stuff, but to better understand what it is that they will be doing, we need to look at it from a more technical perspective.

The Technical Point of View

From a technical point of view, Shivom is seeking to store medical data on the blockchain while also allowing individuals to charge for access to their data with them being able to maintain control over who sees what. This is clearly a huge difference from other solutions where individuals are simply unable to have any say, so that will be a massive advantage for Shivom.

Their entire platform is built upon Ethereum, which brings with it a sense of stability and security that will always prove to be key with this kind of product and service. When you are dealing with health care related items, then this will prove to be absolutely key, so the team have sought to build an extremely stable platform.

Upon loading their data, individuals can then be approached by researchers for access to the details, which then leads to them being paid for that access with the cryptocurrency created by Shivom. The exchange of the data is created via a Smart Contract, which is nothing unusual and is seen as being a secure method of allowing the transfer of the data on the platform.

However, there’s another side to Shivom that is being explored, and that is the possibility of creating personalized medicine. By gaining access to the DNA profile of individuals, it is hoped that companies can then create medicine that fits that individual alone. This could potentially be huge and change the way that we tend to do things from a health care angle, and the blockchain simply allows for the transfer of that information between parties.

The Advantages of Shivom

The advantages of Shivom are pretty clear to see even if you are unsure as to how this entire DNA and human genome database is actually going to work. Clearly, the security side of things is important which is why blockchain technology is the preferred choice. Also, by giving control back to the actual owners of that data, it means that people do not feel as if they are being exploited in the same manner.

The Financial Aspect and the ICO

From a financial perspective, then you are looking at a total of 990,000,000 tokens being created for the ICO and there being an exchange rate of 1 ETH for 7,000 OMX. They plan on having a soft cap of 15,000 ETH and a hard cap of 75,000 ETH so it should be entirely possible for them to reach at least the soft cap during the stages of the ICO.

For this, they are also going to be able to accept ETH, BTC, and fiat currencies, so there are a number of options available to you should you wish to get involved. However, do note that the United States is excluded from the ICO.

Overall Conclusion About Shivom

What Shivom is planning on doing is rather cool even if you are not fully understanding what it is that they are saying or wanting to do with your data. The fact that you are going to once again retain complete control over your own data is a huge advantage as it belongs to you, so why shouldn’t you be in possession of it?

This is the kind of ICO where it can be difficult to grasp everything that they plan on doing with the data and the platform in general so there is a need to just put your faith in them and that they know what they are doing. This is made easier when you see that there is an experienced team behind the company which should make you feel slightly less nervous.

The only other thing to say about this ICO is that it could be difficult to make a fast return on your investment as this could very well be a slow burner investment. However, there is a gap in the market for this product, and if they get things correct after the ICO then it could prove to be a rather worthwhile investment, so if you have the patience and willingness to just allow something to mature and grow slowly, then this could be the ICO for you.

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