Streamity ICO Review

The Streamity ICO recently started, so far they've already raised over $4 million according to their website. One of the major issues connected to the use of cryptocurrency is the way in which it can be difficult to transfer it to a fiat currency when it comes to that...

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Kora ICO Review

Kora is a cryptocurrency company that is looking at doing something slightly different from the norm. Yes, they are going to focus on financial systems, but their main aim is going to be providing a service for a community based approach which does, initially at...

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On.Live ICO Review

Video conferencing and broadcasting online is a huge market with very real potential from a monetization point of view. On.Live is a project that aims to grab a significant part of that market especially within the realm of remote consultations. Immediately, you can...

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How to choose the best ICO

The problem with the rise of cryptocurrencies is that there never seems to be a day that goes by without a new ICO appearing on the market. Of course, that does mean that there are a whole host of options and possibilities for you, but how do you choose the correct...

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Fiancia ICO Review

There can be little doubt that the world of cryptocurrency is becoming even more complex than ever before. For the trader and investor, this can then lead to a series of problems when it comes to keeping on top of the changes that seem to occur on an hourly basis....

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