Yumerium ICO Review

http://www.yumerium.com/tokensales If we are honest, the online gaming platforms are the ideal ground for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to thrive. After all, it stops any issues connected to exchanging money as they can use a central currency without...

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Smartcontainers ICO Review

IoT technology is certainly becoming far more popular, so the fact that companies are seeking to include blockchain technology alongside it should perhaps not come as much of a surprise. However, Smart Containers is certainly looking at offering something completely...

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Synthestech ICO Review

The Synthestech ICO has been underway for a while now. Check their website here The launch of a new cryptocurrency is often accompanied by one of two things. It will either be offering a project, service or product or, alternatively, it is used to raise funds for a...

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Databroker DAO ICO Review

The Databroker ICO has been going well, you can see my post was originally posted on Steemit here: https://steemit.com/crypto/@dan90/databroker-dao-ico-review The Internet of Things is certainly making a major impact with more devices coming out that make full use of...

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Konios ICO Review

Trading in cryptocurrencies is certainly on the increase with the sheer volumes of tokens and digital assets being moved around reaching unbelievable numbers. However, there are some that belief the marketplace for the trading could be slightly easier and smoother in...

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Dehedge ICO Review

Dehedge – Offering a Risk Hedging Platform for Investors Check their website here The world of cryptocurrency trading and investing is already very well established. However, trying to keep track of everything that is going on is simply not that easy to do. To be...

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Sonder ICO Review

The size and scale of the world of ecommerce needs to introduction or explanation as everyone knows it is just vast beyond our imagination. This, in turn, leads to the creation of a number of different payment options with some being seen in a more favorable light...

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Shivom ICO Review

Shivom — Can the Human Genome and the Blockchain Be United? Check their website: https://tokensale.shivom.io/?ref=19f5f19b31edd4934b20e3d9 The Shivom ICO has nearly reached it’s hardcap with over $30 million raised. If we are honest, the technology surrounding the...

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XYO ICO Review

The XYO ICO recently started with 38 days remaining. The product that is being offered by XYO is certainly rather intriguing, but it does require some explaining for anybody that is considering investing in their ICO. Their entire product is focused on the use of...

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iShook ICO Review

The world of the content creator is one that has gained momentum in recent years, so the idea of there being a cryptocurrency platform that can be of benefit to both the creators and those that wish to purchase the content does make a lot of sense. That is the market...

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Omnitude ICO Review

The Omnitude ICO started yesterday. After their pre sale quickly sold out you may need to get in early to participate. Everyone is aware of the size of the ecommerce market along with numerous ways of paying. However, there is also an issue regarding fraud, and that...

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Joy Token ICO Review

The Joy Token ICO recently started with it so far seemingly going well: Website: Website Here The online casino market is huge so it is no surprise that there is now a cryptocurrency that is focused on this part of the industry. Joytoken is a digital currency that...

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