Video conferencing and broadcasting online is a huge market with very real potential from a monetization point of view. On.Live is a project that aims to grab a significant part of that market especially within the realm of remote consultations. Immediately, you can see how developing a cryptocurrency to run alongside this kind of project does have potential but there are a number of different factors to take into consideration.

What is On.Live?

OnLive is looking at working via a decentralized peer-to-peer network with complete transparency from the outset. Their aim is to effectively work within a sector of the market that deals with direct advisory platform markets, and their marketing strategy reflects this.

Basically, the service will work as follows. An individual, or company, is seeking specialist advice on a matter but the correct specialist is not in their locality. They would then arrange a video consultation via the new platform with the expert and the cryptocurrency token would be used in order to pay for that service and to access other aspects of the On.Live experience.

From a business perspective, there is the very real possibility of offering a range of services from any location thanks to this platform. However, it remains to be seen just how many professionals they are going to be able to draw to their platform as that is currently the great unknown and will depend on how good their marketing turns out to be.

The Technical Aspect of On.Live.

If we look at things from a technical point of view, then we should begin by stating that those offering the consultation or video broadcast will be able to charge for spaces for that broadcast. This is achieved via the blockchain and also with the exchange of tokens that ultimately opens up the possibility of real-time communication between both sides.

To do this, they offer different ways to access the marketplace. First, there is the trans-coding marketplace whereby individuals can see the ‘products’ on offer and the cost. Next, there is a pay per minute as well as pay per view option with this varying according to what is being broadcast. They also have a private broadcast option that allows just a one-on-one broadcast, which could potentially be a rather large section of their market.

The entire platform is built using Ethereum as a base. This clearly allows for the very real possibility of scaling up the platform, if required, as well as the fact that it is known as being extremely stable. This also means that the tokens available for sale during the ICO are ERC20 tokens meaning that you’ll need a wallet such as MyEtherWallet to store them.

The blockchain operates more as a means to transfer tokens as a form of payment for the appropriate service. With this, both parties know that there will be no fraud on either side with it increasing confidence in the entire service which is key for something that is just launching. It may also be worth noting that other services such as competitors of On.Live that do not use cryptocurrency as a payment option are generally centralized affairs, so this approach allows for greater scope for development as well as offering professionals the chance to take greater control over what they can offer to their clients.

The token acts as the form of payment for the service, so that in itself is no different to so many other similar platforms that are out there already.

How big is the market?

On.Live state in their whitepaper that the video streaming market was worth $30.9 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow to over $123 billion by just the year 2024. They state that the market is growing so fast due to the influx of new users still beginning to use the internet more and an expected increase in the amount of people signing up to various streaming services.
The digital transformation market was estimated to be worth around $23 billion in 2016 and is also expected to keep growing quickly.

The Advantages of On.Live.

There are several positives associated with this service that are worth taking into consideration. First, it provides professionals with another platform to reach their desired audience whether it be through a main broadcast or on an individual basis. This level of control could prove to be enticing to those that would want to use the platform in order to use their expertise in helping others.

Also, the fact that it is decentralized is another advantage, and alongside the transparency that comes with the blockchain it means that there is a greater sense of being able to trust the network, which is clearly very important when you are dealing with any kind of information. The fact that you can earn tokens and also spend them on the same network will also make things run smoothly.

The Financial Aspect and ICO.

The token sale recently started and is scheduled to run until the 18th of April.
For the financial side of things, then they are only going to be accepting ETH as the payment method but as it is an ERC20 token then this will not be a problem. Also, they have stated that there will be a total of 73,270,000 tokens produced and that 55% of them are going to be distributed throughout the ICO. Those that are not sold during the ICO will be burnt at the end to help push up the price once the ICO has concluded.

They have also stated that there is a soft and hard cap for the ICO. The soft cap has been set at 14,000ETH while the hard cap is at 100,000ETH. Currently, the exchange rate per token on the ICO has been set at 1ONL = 0.001638ETH.

Overall Conclusion About OnLive and the ICO.

The product and service on offer is certainly something that could be used by individuals and companies around the world, and running a digital currency alongside it also makes perfect sense. It will remove the worry about international exchange rates making it easier to calculate everything when it comes to purchasing that service.

There is no doubt that online broadcasting and consultations is a substantial market, but as usual it all depends on how the company uses their marketing to draw in users and how long it takes them to build up a substantial base. From the point of view of an investor, there is a need to take that time factor into consideration before deciding if this is something that you wish to invest in or not.

As with any new project the initial marketing for the platform will be tough, however the team behind the platform seem to have a lot of experience and hopefully with a successful ICO they’ll be able to allocate a large marketing budget.

The fact that there is no minimum investment being mentioned is also going to be beneficial to you when it comes to making your decision. As a result, even a small investment may prove to be worthwhile with potential for you to see a good return on that investment at some point in the future.
You can check out further details about the project on their website or in their whitepaper.
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