The world of the content creator is one that has gained momentum in recent years, so the idea of there being a cryptocurrency platform that can be of benefit to both the creators and those that wish to purchase the content does make a lot of sense. That is the market that iShook is looking to take over, and it does appear that they have a clear-cut idea of how they are going to go about dominating the marketplace.
Their website is currently showing 41 days remaining with an impressive amount of tokens already sold.

What is iShook?

This is regarded as being a content sharing platform, and it operates in a number of different ways. Their idea is to connect content producers to their audience along with distributing published works and operating as an online book marketplace. Furthermore, their platform is going to operate on a peer-to-peer basis allowing people to effectively pay for the exposure to help get their content out there to more and more people.

They state that their platform can be applied to not only social media, but also in the exchange of content with it all taking place via the blockchain.

The Technical Aspect of iShook.

The platform that is being used by iShook is built entirely on the Ethereum network. This alone will allow for expansion as and when required, and do so without putting any stress or strain on the pre-existing network, as well as the security aspects that are also very well-known.

The platform operates in three different ways. Each way has its own platform that can operate both together as well as independently as and when required to do so. This is going to include one platform for social media, one for content creation, and the last one will be connected to e-commerce.

In order to access the platform, a user is required to purchase some of the digital currency that has been created by iShook. As soon as they do this, then the user can then proceed to the platform in order to see what is on offer and to then complete the purchase. As an example, venturing onto the e-commerce platform will provide you with the ability to purchase books, content, and even ideas. The social media platform will connect both parties together to increase exposure for a brand or content creator, and the content platform can include books as well as blogs.

The transfer of digital currency in order to access these platforms, and also to make purchases, will all be done via the blockchain. As a result, there is the security that is expected via a decentralized network and also anonymity to work against the potential for fraud. The company is also planning on launching an app that will allow people to take part while on the move with this opening up another market that may be worthy of exploring.

The Advantages of the platform

There are various advantages to the platform that is being created by iShook. Of course, content creators are going to be winners in all of this as it is going to give them a significant amount of control over the content they create and who is purchasing access to it. By cutting out the middleman, it also increases the money that they can earn while taking advantage of the opportunity to increase exposure by buying targeted access to the most relevant people.

The content creators are also going to be given the opportunity to earn royalties for the content that they have on the platform. This will help to draw people to iShook as it can undoubtedly increase their earnings for them doing exactly what they have already been working on.

The Financial Aspect and the ICO.

In order to make a significant difference, they are going to require investment which is why their ICO has been created. For the ICO, they are able to accept a number of different digital currencies including ETH, BTC and LTC to name just three.

In total, they are looking at producing 570,000,000 tokens for the platform and 57% of the tokens produced will be made available for the ICO. There are various bonuses in place depending on when you invest with it starting off at 35% before it begins to decrease down to a minimum of 20% by the end of the ICO.

For the ICO, they have also decided to set the exchange rate for their token, and this has been pegged at 1 SHK = 0.001 ETH. Also, there is no mention of a minimum amount for the investment.

Overall Conclusion About iShook and the ICO.

To conclude, there is little doubt that the project does have an interesting product, and it is one that is tapping into a market that is constantly expanding at this moment in time. However, as is the case with so many of these projects, it will all depend on how quickly they can get people to switch over to their platform when determining how successful this project will ultimately be.

The fact that they are talking about being able to earn money for content via royalties should be enough to persuade a reasonable percentage, but then there has to be the other side of the equation as well for it all to work.

From an investment point of view, the technology is certainly there for this kind of project without it running into any kind of problems. The way in which users must purchase some of the tokens to access everything will also help with the price of the token, so as the user numbers increase so will the value of the currency. Ultimately, this will provide you with the opportunity to go ahead and make a profit from your investment.

If you believe in the power of content creation and how it can use the safety and security of the blockchain, then this ICO may very well be for you. There are no issues from a technical point of view, and the only potential concern should be how quickly they get people onto the platform but if they can resolve that then this will indeed be a success.
Check out further details on their website and in their whitepaper.
Website: iShook website
Whitepaper: iShook whitepaper