There can be little doubt that the world of cryptocurrency is becoming even more complex than ever before. For the trader and investor, this can then lead to a series of problems when it comes to keeping on top of the changes that seem to occur on an hourly basis. This is where Fiancia claim that they can help because they are not only seeking to offer diversity within the cryptocurrency industry, but to also make things substantially easier for anybody that is indeed involved in the market.

What is Fiancia?

The new project, as a concept, is relatively easy to explain. Their aim is to offer both traders and investors with the opportunity to be fully aware of what is happening within the market to then allow them to make a better call when it comes to where they are planning on placing their money.

To do this, they have introduced a global copy trading system along with a TV station that is entirely focused on cryptocurrencies and what is happening in the markets. Clearly, they are looking at pushing themselves as being a real focal point when it comes to information and news, so you can begin to understand why their platform may indeed end up being rather useful to people, both old and new, in the industry.

At the same time, they are also able to offer a platform that will allow trades to occur. They have stated that their platform is simple and completely transparent, but they are obviously not the first ones to go ahead and offer that as an incentive to potential users. Their plan is to use a strategy that is similar to a copy trading system that has a tendency to use an approach similar to a social network.

The Technical Aspect of Fiancia.

When it comes to the technical side of things with the platform, then we have to look beyond the aspects of the TV station since that is in itself pretty self-explanatory. How they source their news, and how it is then displayed on their station is going to be useful for investors as they state that clarity is an essential part of their approach and that trust will also prove to be extremely important.

However, when it comes to their own trading platform, then it is built on Ethereum in order to take advantage of the stability and scalability that comes from them. Also, their token is an ERC20 token opening up the possibility of using any Ethereum based wallet rather than going ahead and downloading their own version.

They claim that there are over 3,000 different cryptocurrency trading pairs available on their platform, which is pretty impressive compared to other options that are out there. Traders will be able to create a trading platform on the interface with them then being ranked according to their previous trades. This is an attempt to make things as transparent as possible along with existing traders offering advice to those that are new to the world in order to help them make a profit as quickly as possible.

With this approach, the investor seeks out the trader that understands the market. The investor puts in the money with the network taking 10% commission, the trader being paid 15% and the balance going back to the investor. Both parties can observe the trade and the outcome with this then working at building trust between the two parties over time.

From a blockchain point of view, it is used to complete the transaction so in that respect there is nothing different to be expected from this particular cryptocurrency. As was said earlier, it is more the TV station that is going to make a significant difference at least from a marketing perspective.

The Financial Aspect and the ICO.

From the financial point of view, Fiancia has stated that there will be a maximum of 60,000,000 tokens issued with no additional tokens being created once the ICO is over. They also state that the minimum contribution has been set at 0.1ETH and there is also a hard cap for the ICO that has been set at 30,000ETH.

As is the norm, there is also a bonus structure in place for those investors that get in early. This bonus decreases from 35% down to 4% by the time we get close to the end of the ICO period. Once again, this is perfectly in line with the majority of other examples.

At this moment in time, the price per FIN token has been set at 0.005ETH giving you the opportunity to purchase a number of tokens for your 0.1ETH investment. Their hope is that their TV station and the information that it contains will draw in an increasing number of users to then push the price of the coin higher allowing you to make a bigger profit in the not too distant future.

Overall Conclusion of Fiancia and the ICO.

It must be stated that this project does have a good product thanks to their TV station where investors and traders will be in a position to obtain updates at any point that they wish. This alone will be beneficial in pulling in potential users just as long as the information that they provide is indeed as accurate and useful as they claim.

By stating that things are transparent does not really go for much as that is the over-riding theme of the blockchain. However, it can be very easy to see how people will move from the station to using their platform especially with the way in which it is very simple in its approach.

So, is this worth investing some of your pre-existing cryptocurrency? Well, the answer to that lies in how much you believe in the TV station as that is the one area that is capable of working well with the token itself being almost an off-shoot. If you see the appeal, then getting in on this ICO as early as possible will prove to be an important decision that you will then have to make.
Check out further details on their website and in their whitepaper.