Investing and dealing in cryptocurrencies can clearly become a complicated matter partly due to the number of options that appear to be out there, there’s now 1,000s of different altcoins for investors to choose from. Trying to keep track of the news as to what is going on can also be tricky but it seems that the team behind this particular cryptocurrency are seeking ways to deliver that information to individuals in order to help them make better choices when it comes to them trading in a digital currency.

The Basics of Daneel.

They state that they will indeed become your cryptocurrency assistant and they achieve this by studying a whole host of information and sources to help you with making more informed decisions. This is achieved via their AI platform with you being able to access it via either a desktop or mobile interface. Upon registering, you can then use that platform to control your various investments, accounts, and also ask questions regarding your trades with a series of algorithms being brought into play to help in managing your accounts.

The Way in Which Daneel Works.

The system that lies behind the project is impressive. Using IBM Watson, it collates a significant amount of information from a wide array of sources which is then used to help you to make an assessment regarding your investments. Their technology can also allow for the collection of data from blockchains as well as important meta-data from news sources which may then influence the potential price of the digital currency.

Upon opening the new app, you are able to ask questions with their program then creating a list of results for you to examine. The questions can be quite specific in their nature with the software spending time studying its resources to create a clear list of data or information that should then prove to be useful.

From a technical point of view, the request from the user is placed on the decentralized blockchain with the information then being retrieved from the data sources to complete the second half of the request. Also, the platform and token is built on the Ethereum platform with the token being an ERC20 token which is then used in order to purchase various digital services that are made available through the platform.

In other words, to gain access to the data that is available via their network, you must be able to send tokens across the blockchain. This is done via the customary hexadecimal address system via a  decentralized network offering complete transparency at all times. Of course, with it being based on the Ethereum platform it also incorporates their range of basic security and anti-fraud measures that are available directly from them.

In addition, the fact that it is an ERC20 token also means that the tokens are able to be stored on any wallet which is based on the Ethereum network such as popular options such as MyEtherWallet.

The Advantages of the Daneel Cryptocurrency and Approach.

One of the key ways in which a new cryptocurrency can become a success is when there are clear advantages to holding the coin and then trading it. In this instance, the information that is held and searched by Daneel is invaluable, so that alone will mean that the value of the token will also be able to increase as the popularity of the platform increases.

The services that they offer do provide you with a real advantage as they cover billions of data points in an instant rather than you having to go to all of the hassle of searching out the relevant information and data on your own. Not only does this then speed up the process, but at the same time it will allow you to make those more informed decisions as to whether or not you wish to invest in a particular digital currency.

It is clear that data and information is everything in the industry, and yet the difficulty is in trying to locate that information across the board. By Daneel operating along the lines of an automated bot, it will mean that things are significantly easier for you.

The Financial Aspect and the ICO.

Upon the launch, there is a total supply of 100,000,000 DAN tokens being made available throughout the lifetime of the cryptocurrency. Out of this number, 40,000,000 has been set aside for the ICO with an approximate rate of 1DAN to EUR 0.25.

They do appear to have set a minimum investment limit of $100 but there is a considerable amount of excitement surrounding this digital currency and what it can offer, so it may result in reasonable returns for investors that are indeed looking at getting in on this at the outset.

In addition, they have also made sure that a number of cryptocurrencies can be used in order to get involved in the ICO. This covers the key digital currencies that are out there on the market so this should not prove to be a problem for any investor.

Conclusion About Daneel and the ICO.

This project is actively seeking to make a difference in an area that plays such an integral role in the entire investment process when it comes to a cryptocurrency. However, there is too much data out there for individuals to study on their own, so the fact that the process can be automated is going to help the price to grow steadily over the next few years.

This in itself is an area of the market that is going to continue to grow simply because of the increased awareness of digital currencies and more people seeking to invest for the long-term. By simplifying the process of understanding what is hot and what is not, the chances of making mistakes will be reduced even though they cannot be eliminated entirely.

Unlike many of the recent ICOs which seem to be using a token for the sake of it with no real value, this project has a need for their token which should hopefully see the value slowly increase.

The token is secure due to it being on the Ethereum platform and there is speculation that this token may very well be one of the key ones to look out for over the next 12 months. However, this all depends on them being able to deliver on the information side of things and to do so in an instantaneous and easy to understand manner.