Considering there are so many people out there seeking to invest in opportunities on the blockchain, it should be no surprise when an ICO comes along for a company where providing this opportunity is at the absolute heart of what they plan on doing. Counting House is one such company that is doing just that but what exactly are they looking at offering and is it worth you spending some time getting to grips with the nature of the ICO?

What is CountingHouse?

The best way to describe what they are offering is that it is a form of cryptocurrency hedge fund which plans on making full use of algorithms and clever programming to make sure that they avoid the most volatile of cryptocurrency markets and allow people to make the correct investments with an amazing return.

They are different from normal investment opportunities in that they allow cryptocurrencies to basically be embraced and form the core of investment opportunities while they also state that thanks to them using the blockchain then investors have a greater sense of financial freedom to other options.

Considering the team behind this product have over 10 years experience in foreign exchanges then they do at least have the understanding of how trading in finance works and are not completely new to the whole thing.

The token that they have created for this project will run as the currency for internal hedge related transactions which is why it is playing a key role in the development of this platform.

The Technical Aspect of CountingHouse

The technical side of things is quite straightforward as people are effectively purchasing the tokens that then represent a holding in the fund that is then used for investment purposes. All that this means is people will purchase tokens with a Smart Contract being formed with the number of tokens representing their share and holding.

Once the company has raised funds, they then plan on investing in various cryptocurrency markets using their algorithm and understanding of the markets to generate the best returns.

However, individuals can also use their tokens to then choose their own individual investments and the entire process can be automated even though the individuals still have the freedom to make the decision. They also state that they offer complete transparency, which they would do since everything is on the blockchain, and they also have the support and help that comes from their platform being based on Ethereum.

The Advantages of CountingHouse

The team behind the project believe that they have a number of advantages for people that are looking at getting involved in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Of course, we can say that having a team that is used to these kinds of investments is always going to be a good thing as it provides some confidence in that they would get their platform working to the standards they would expect. Also, the model that they use has been thoroughly tested for an extended period of time and has generated results, so being on their platform and taking advantage of that information does make a lot of sense.

Furthermore, the transparency and anti-fraud measures that are in place thanks to being on Ethereum, and the general way in which the blockchain and Smart Contracts work, may help to entice more people into this form of crypto hedge fund.

The Financial Aspect and the CountingHouse ICO

Studying the financial aspect when you have a product and service such as this does open your eyes to the potential of the company and how it is viewed by the team behind it. A total of 14,585,000 tokens will be created and made available to investors. This is not a high number of tokens which can clearly help to push their value higher as the market is not going to be swamped by them.

The ICO itself is going to only be accepting ETH as the currency for those wishing to invest and they also accept paypal which is a first from any token sales that I’ve seen and there is a minimum investment figure of 0.001 ETH which is not exactly high and should not result in a lot of people being put off giving this some serious consideration. There is a hard cap in place as well with this being set at 20,000,000 CHT. If you are wondering as to how the hard cap is higher than the tokens available, then it is because just over 5,000,000 have already been sold resulting in a total of 20,000,000.

During this period there will also be an exchange rate set up for investors. This rate equates to 1 ETH resulting in 1000 CHT providing you with that sense of how they view their product.

Overall Conclusion About CountingHouse and the ICO

Counting House is not the first product of its kind since the creation of cryptocurrencies and it is certainly not going to be the last. They are not offering something different and it is merely an opportunity to become involved with a team that at least has direct experience in dealing with these kinds of investments so that may prove to be rather important.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest. One of the main advantages of the project is that the team behind it comes with a lot of experience which is obviously the most important thing with an investment like this

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with this ICO and there is the potential to make profits on your investments which is always going to be the most important thing of all. With a low minimum investment it could certainly be worth an investment.
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