When you think about it, the very idea of a stock market that focuses on cryptocurrencies makes so much sense. Yes, there are products out there that run along these lines already, but Coinvest is looking at becoming the biggest player in what could potentially turn out to be a huge market. However, closer inspection of what they have to offer is going to also prove to be essential especially if you are considering investing in their ICO ahead of their final launch.

What is Coinvest?

The name itself kind of gives the game away when it comes to what this cryptocurrency is all about. There are so many different options, investment possibilities, and types of alt-coins out there that it can quickly become rather confusing. Coinvest is looking at making that entire process a lot easier to understand, and they have the intention of becoming the biggest player of its kind in the industry.

It is worth noting that ex-Microsoft employees are apparently behind this project which could make a difference for some individuals. They plan on reducing the risk, stress, difficulty and overall cost associated with investing in cryptocurrencies as they see these areas as being key reasons as to why people take the decision to avoid diving into the cryptocurrency market.

The Technical Aspect of Coinvest.

Coinvest is going to be built on the Ethereum platform, so immediately it is going to be able to take advantage of key aspects associated with Ethereum. Basically, that means it will offer a stable and secure platform that can be easily scaled as and when required without pressure being put on the pre-existing blockchain at any point.

By launching their own token, they say that it allows individuals to invest in various cryptocurrencies while they focus on just the one coin. They claim that it will lead to a point where there is just one single wallet on one platform with the one coin, which will simplify the entire process in one go.

Also, with other solutions, there is the need to use centralized third-parties whereas Coinvest is going to be able to remove them and replace them with Smart Contracts. Not only does this further enhance the security aspect, but it will also reduce the costs and risks as was mentioned earlier.

With the Smart Contracts, it is noted that they are going to act as completely autonomous agents while being able to provide compensation for all of the different investors that are on that particular network. In other words, the Smart Contracts do everything on your behalf without you having to ever worry or stress.

Furthermore, their token is an ERC20 token which does mean you can use any Ethereum based wallet. However, considering the way in which they are looking at making everything as easy as possible, it does make sense to perhaps use their wallet just to prevent any potential problems.

The Advantages of Coinvest.

So, what are the advantages of this new project that can make it worth your while to invest in the ICO? The answer is easy, simplification and reducing the costs and risks associated with a market that is expanding on a constant basis is a good enough advantage to have over other options.

If you are new to this industry, then trying to invest in what you believe to be the best choices is not easy. The information and data that is out there is often far too complex to follow accurately, which can easily lead to the wrong decision as to when to buy or when to sell. By just focusing on the one coin, and then allowing their software and platform to do the rest, you can just pay close attention to how this token is doing rather than filling your brain with countless pieces of information.

For the ICO, there will be a total of 52,500,000 tokens made available which represents 49% of the total number of tokens that will be produced by the company. They have also made an announcement that the soft cap for the ICO will be priced at $1 million while the hard cap is at $30 million. This in itself is a low figure compared to others that are out there, but that can certainly be a positive feature.

If you are looking at potentially investing, then there is a minimum investment which has been pegged at 0.01ETH. Also, they only accept that as the investment currency, and during the ICO it is estimated that you will receive 1,100 COIN for $700.

Overall Conclusion About Coinvest and the ICO.

The basic idea behind Coinvest is sound, and with the way in which more individuals are wanting to get involved in this industry, then making it as easy as possible to invest should prove to be a successful approach. However, they are clearly not the only people out there offering this kind of product, but it could be argued that there is certainly room for everyone considering how big the market has turned out to be.

They have made everything as simple as they can, and there is a very real potential to grow your money through the app. It has been argued by some that this platform could be the ideal solution for those that are just looking at making some profit on their cryptocurrency investments without expending a lot of energy at any point.

So, should you invest? Well, for some the minimum investment figure could put them off, but then this is all about investing so it’s no surprise that they have set this minimum figure. Of course, it could be argued that even if you spend 0.01ETH that this money will be put to use, and you could start to earn a profit from it once the platform is fully up and running.

Any investment is a gamble, especially in ICO’s but there is no doubt that the team behind Coinvest have sought to minimize the gamble aspect as much as they possibly can, so from that perspective you could very well be in safe hands with this investment.