Card Stack – Offering a Decentralized Software Option
The new Cardstack ICO is making some pretty big claims by stating that it is a key layer of the decentralized Internet, but that does mean that it has to back up those claims by actually coming through and delivering on whatever it is that it could be promising.

So, does it manage to do that?

The Basics of Card Stack.

The creators are looking at creating an application framework whereby blockchains are made far more accessible to a greater number of people. They claim that this will allow them to eventually challenge those digital giants that dominate the apps and software market, but that in itself is going to often prove to be a rather difficult thing to achieve.

They also state that they are able to offer a range of tools that will unlock the power of the blockchain without individuals requiring the same depth of knowledge that they would have otherwise needed.

One major issue with apps is that they often require their own accounts and a number of them actually share the same infrastructure. The intention of the platform is to bring a sense of organization to your apps while also allowing decentralized apps to stack upon one another sharing resources while not inhibiting your ability to then go ahead and use them.

The Technical Aspect of Card Stack.

The main technical aspect of this cryptocurrency does lie in the platform that they offer individuals and companies. They have created their platform on the Ethereum network so they are able to then take advantage of the stability that Ethereum is famous for.

The most important part of the technical aspect with the project is the way in which it allows for different apps to work in tandem with one another. We are talking about decentrazlied apps in this instance, but they often end up requiring various tokens to work. Card Stack want these apps to be able to communicate with one another to make it easier for them to effectively flow far more easily than before.

Not only that, but you are able to isolate individual steps of the workflow. A step can then go ahead and create a bridge between both the Internet and what is known as the blockchain Internet.

A buyer of an application effectively enters into a Smart Contract with the developer via the blockchain. This will then cover the costs associated with the app leading to developers being rewarded for their work while the user has an easier method of using a variety of services as and when required.

The Advantages of Card Stack.

What is completely clear is that the people behind Card Stack believe that they have identified an area of the market that is worth exploiting. This is especially true when you take into consideration the sheer number of apps that are out there and the way in which the average user will download a substantial number in a short period of time.

By solving the issue of communication or conflict between apps, it makes things run more smoothly as well as allowing apps to exchange information to prevent the user being asked the same things over and over again.

It is easy to see how developers could find a use for this approach and the fact that it is open-sourced and completely decentralized provides them with a sense of control over what they are doing. If they used existing app platforms, then they would lose that control so this is going to be a far more attractive proposition. However, getting developers to move to this platform will be the challenge.

The Financial Aspect and ICO.

Turning to the financial side of things, we see that the company has set out their stall and have a clear idea as to the direction in which they are heading. Furthermore, they have also made sure that their finances and requirements will be sufficient for them to ultimately launch their complete product.

As it is based on the Ethereum platform, they are apparently only accepting ETH as the investment source during their ICO. The price has also been set at 1CARD equating to $0.0175 with the normal issues of bonuses also being included as well as a significant amount of the revenue being used for business development and marketing.

There are also a total of 2,000,000,000 tokens being made available for sale, but aside from that there is relatively little information available about the ICO aside from the usual points regarding the burning of tokens that are left unsold.

Conclusion About Card Stack and the ICO.

There are a number of things that we can conclude about Card Stack that will then make it easier for you to ascertain as to whether or not this could be something that is worth investing. Of course, nobody can accurately predict what the future is going to be like, but upon examining what it is that they are offering then it stands to reason that the future for this cryptocurrency could be quite good.

Only limiting the ability to purchase things to ETH may prove to be a wrong move to a certain extent, but then using an ERC20 token does mean that anybody can access it via their pre-existing Ethereum wallet.

The key is how they manage to get both users and developers together on their platform and that will prove to be the most difficult part of everything. The technology is there, and it is a good idea to create a product connected to making the blockchain far more accessible before the blockchain becomes even more mainstream than it is right now.

It will involve you having to determine how well this aspect is performing to ultimately decide if this is a worthwhile investment, but the basics are certainly there with this being worth considering even if it is on a relatively small scale.
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