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Global Reit ICO Review

The Global Reit ICO presale is scheduled to start in less than 24 hours. Real estate can be a difficult industry to operate in, but Global REIT is hoping to deal with a number of those problems and it is their intention to use blockchain technology in order to just make things so much easier. However, how are they planning on doing that, and what exactly is it that they are going to offer? What is Global REIT? Its main aim is to make it easier for global real estate investors to effectively build their portfolio without having to...

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FlipnPik ICO Review

When it comes to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is always good to see something a bit different coming out as it shows the full extent to which blockchain technology can be used. FlipNpik is one such example as they are in the process of launching their product which is basically social media for local businesses. Now, even though the concept itself is not new, incorporating the blockchain into it does make it slightly different from the norm, but what can we expect from it all? What is FlipNpik? The overall aim of the project is to provide...

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Yumerium ICO Review If we are honest, the online gaming platforms are the ideal ground for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to thrive. After all, it stops any issues connected to exchanging money as they can use a central currency without exchange rates while there is a general acceptance that those that are involved in that kind of market are already up to date with the latest advances in general technology. So, with that in mind, we can perhaps introduce you to Yumerium as that is the exact industry that they are aiming to work their way into, and they have high...

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Smartcontainers ICO Review

IoT technology is certainly becoming far more popular, so the fact that companies are seeking to include blockchain technology alongside it should perhaps not come as much of a surprise. However, Smart Containers is certainly looking at offering something completely different from the rest as they are focusing entirely on a certain aspect of the logistics industry, and it is something that does have real potential. What is Smart Containers? This is a logistics and blockchain company with a focus on helping companies that use containers as part of their business. They state that they are seeking to incorporate...

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Synthestech ICO Review

The Synthestech ICO has been underway for a while now. Check their website here The launch of a new cryptocurrency is often accompanied by one of two things. It will either be offering a project, service or product or, alternatively, it is used to raise funds for a business in the same way as a crowdsourcing or crowd funding option. In the case of Synthestech, it is certainly the latter that is at play although you do still want to learn more about everything before you go ahead and think about investing in the project. What is Synthestech? The...

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