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Savedroid ICO Review – Opening Up Cryptocurrencies to Everyone

 Savedroid is a token that has been designed by a company based in Frankfurt, Germany and it has a very specific reason behind its creation. That reason is to open up the possibility of getting into the realm of cryptocurrencies but to do so in a way that you can use it to ultimately save money. However, the company does understand that people will be wary about this approach as they will have heard various horror stories related to prices rising and falling but then they have sought to create a way to get around that particular issue. The...

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Syncfab ICO Review – A Decentralized Blockchain for Manufacturers

The syncfab ICO ends on the 15th of March, with 10 days still remaining their website is already showing that they’ve managed to raised over 15,000 ETH. What is Syncfab? They’re launching a new decentralized, blockchain cryptocurrency which is targeting a very specific part of the market. In fact, it is tackling an issue that most people actually overlook at various times and yet it is something that is costing them money. This issue is in the difficulty of trying to deal directly with manufacturers since there is usually a middleman involved who then increases the price. So, this...

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Vestarin ICO Review – Offering a Mobile Marketplace to All

It is pretty common knowledge that the mobile marketplace has been growing in size for a considerable period of time with there being no signs of it slowing down in the slightest. Therefore, the idea of incorporating the technology associated with the blockchain and cryptocurrency is a natural way for things to move even further forward. That is where Vestarin comes into play, but it will still prove to be useful to examine this digital token in more detail to ascertain as to whether or not it is worthy of investment. The Basics of Vestarin. Vestarin keeps things nice...

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