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Databroker DAO ICO Review

The Databroker ICO has been going well, you can see my post was originally posted on Steemit here: The Internet of Things is certainly making a major impact with more devices coming out that make full use of this technology. However, one thing that can often be overlooked is the data that is available from the devices and the way in which certain things can be monetized. It is the intention of Databroker Dao to offer such a service while using both the blockchain as well as cryptocurrency but further explanations as to what they are doing is...

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Konios ICO Review

Trading in cryptocurrencies is certainly on the increase with the sheer volumes of tokens and digital assets being moved around reaching unbelievable numbers. However, there are some that belief the marketplace for the trading could be slightly easier and smoother in its operation, and considering the amount of money that can be spent in just a few seconds, then making things run as easily as possible should be a given. This is the area where Konios is hoping to gain an advantage as they state that their aim is to make the process faster and smoother than ever before,...

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Dehedge ICO Review

Dehedge – Offering a Risk Hedging Platform for Investors Check their website here The world of cryptocurrency trading and investing is already very well established. However, trying to keep track of everything that is going on is simply not that easy to do. To be honest, it is all too easy to end up losing your investment, or at least running at a loss thanks to the fluctuations in the market and how volatile it can be. This becomes an even larger problem when you have invested in various digital currencies, which is why having a method that simplifies...

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Sonder ICO Review

The size and scale of the world of ecommerce needs to introduction or explanation as everyone knows it is just vast beyond our imagination. This, in turn, leads to the creation of a number of different payment options with some being seen in a more favorable light than others. However, people are also concerned about their details being held in central databases or servers thanks to the various instances where those servers have been hacked leading to details being lacked across the Internet. Check their website here Sonder is a potential solution that is looking at changing all of...

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Shivom ICO Review

Shivom — Can the Human Genome and the Blockchain Be United? Check their website: The Shivom ICO has nearly reached it’s hardcap with over $30 million raised. If we are honest, the technology surrounding the study of the human genome has evolved in recent years, but you may be wondering how, or why, the blockchain could be involved in its development. The truth of the matter is that blockchain technology could potentially play a key role in providing access to the human genome, and that is what makes this a rather interesting concept to contend with. This is where a...

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