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Pdata lets you profit from your own data

The world of personal data is big business, and it far surpasses anything kind of figure that you could imagine. Companies are willing to pay good money for accurate personal data that they are then able to put to good use, and the more precise the data is then the better it is for the company. However, the problem has always been that the owner of the data has been the one to lose out. Other companies have made fortunes out of selling their personal data while they have been left behind and wondering why they are getting all...

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Springrole ICO Review

Springrole is a blockchain based platform that is seeking to resolve what it sees as being an issue with dealing with staff within the realm of running a company. They state that the way in which people are hired is flawed leading to the best candidates often missing out and someone who is less well qualified being able to effectively sneak into the position. Clearly, this is something that has to be changed, and that is where this company is planning on making a difference. But then, how will the company be able to turn things around and make...

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Quadrant Protocol ICO Review

It’s perhaps fair to say that one of the key features of blockchain technology is the way in which it is being used on a regular basis to help deal with data. This comes in different forms, and with the size of the data market continuing to grow on what feels like a daily basis, having another company come in with their own project should not pose too many problems. Quadrant Protocol is a company that is looking at launching their own project, and it makes sense to try to determine the ways in which they are different from...

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Global Reit leveraging the blockchain for real estate investment

Based in Dubai, Global REIT is a project built on the blockchain that deals exclusively with real estate. They are not the first one to try to do this by any means, but then that alone should not be enough to put you off at least checking out what it is that they have to offer you. After all, there just seems to be no reason as to why it would not work, and that becomes even more apparent when you look at the set-up of the Global REIT approach. The Benefits of the Blockchain There are a number...

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GlobalReit ICO- Sharia Compliant

I’ve wrote about this ICO before but after seeing it’s quickly managed to sell around $12 million worth of tokens I thought it would be worth another look. Check their website to see the token sale progress How many people around the world would love to be involved in investing in real estate but are unsure as to how they go about it, or are short of the cash that would allow them to fulfil their dreams? In fact, you might very well be one of those people but are put off by the large price tag leading to you seeing...

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