Pdata lets you profit from your own data

The world of personal data is big business, and it far surpasses anything kind of figure that you could imagine. Companies are willing to pay good money for accurate personal data that they are then able to put to good use, and the more precise the data is then the...

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Springrole ICO Review

Springrole is a blockchain based platform that is seeking to resolve what it sees as being an issue with dealing with staff within the realm of running a company. They state that the way in which people are hired is flawed leading to the best candidates often missing...

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Quadrant Protocol ICO Review

It’s perhaps fair to say that one of the key features of blockchain technology is the way in which it is being used on a regular basis to help deal with data. This comes in different forms, and with the size of the data market continuing to grow on what feels like a...

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GlobalReit ICO- Sharia Compliant

I've wrote about this ICO before but after seeing it's quickly managed to sell around $12 million worth of tokens I thought it would be worth another look. Check their website to see the token sale progress How many people around the world would love to be involved in...

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SmartContainers ICO ending tomorrow

I previously wrote about Smartcontainers just before their pre sale started. As expected their token sale has been going well so I thought it would be worth another look. They're also actively blogging here on Steemit if you want to read...

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Will SmartContainers change the Shipping Industry?

The entire concept behind Smart Containers is one of those rare occasions with the blockchain where there is something that is actually unique. However, it still begs the question as to whether or not they are capable of doing something that can change their entire...

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Blockshipping ICO Review

The Blockshipping ICO ends in just a few days, with their website showing that they've already managed to sell a lot of the allocated tokens. https://www.blockshipping.io The sheer amount of cargo that is being ferried around the world on a daily basis is just crazy....

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Countinghouse ICO Review

Considering there are so many people out there seeking to invest in opportunities on the blockchain, it should be no surprise when an ICO comes along for a company where providing this opportunity is at the absolute heart of what they plan on doing. Counting House is...

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Wemark ICO Review

The Wemark ICO is set to start on the 7th of May: https://www.wemark.com The stock photography market is huge, and with a number of companies making a fortune on a daily basis, it does then seem to make sense for a company to look at ways to allow cryptocurrencies to...

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Global Reit ICO Review

The Global Reit ICO presale is scheduled to start in less than 24 hours. Real estate can be a difficult industry to operate in, but Global REIT is hoping to deal with a number of those problems and it is their intention to use blockchain technology in order to just...

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FlipnPik ICO Review

When it comes to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is always good to see something a bit different coming out as it shows the full extent to which blockchain technology can be used. FlipNpik is one such example as they are in the process of launching their...

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